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Medina Braha, Ph.D

Medina Braha holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Istanbul Commerce University, an M.Sc. in Economics for Business Analysis from Staffordshire University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Informatics from University of Prishtina.


Her academic career started as Teaching Assistant at Faculty of Economics, University of Prishtina. Currently, she serves as a Lecturer at International Business College Mitrovica in Kosovo, where she teaches various subjects in the management field at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Medina’s international collaborations span local and international academic institutions and organizations, contributing to areas like curricula development, pedagogical enhancement, and industry development. She has also been a guest professor in various universities abroad, including Denmark, Jordan, Portugal, Finland etc. Her research interest is management and organizational behavior, with a special focus on positive leadership, HRM, relational energy, and high-quality relationships at work.

Medina’s experience extends beyond academia. Her professional history includes a wide range of industries and organizations, both in Kosovo and abroad, such as being a Director of Public Services, Rescue, and Safety at the Municipality of Prishtina, Research Analyst at the European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds and Early Stage Market Players (EBAN) in Belgium, Project Manager at Abbott B.V. in the Netherlands etc.

Additionally, Medina has been involved in consultancies and has held memberships in professional organizations and societies, including scientific committee member of international conferences, board member of various municipal bodies, and alumna of a range of international fellowships and organizations.